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Viewers, we are at the premises of the Regional Center for Portuguese Radio and Television, recently inaugurated by the Secretary of State for Information and Tourism, Dr. Cesar Moreira Baptista. And naturally we had to talk about the incidents of the inauguration of Rádio e Televisão Portuguesa, [um assunto] which will be dealt with by the reporter who will take to the street to collect the impressions and opinions of the vast public that, at this moment, in Madeira, is already reaping the benefits of Portuguese Radio and Television”. The words are from the journalist Armindo Abreu who, with them, started the regular broadcasts of RTP Madeira on August 6, 1972. On that day, Portugal and Spain faced each other in the final of the Roller Hockey World Championship, which was accompanied by thousands of Madeirans through the recently opened regional channel.

The black and white television became the daily company of the Madeirans, who thus began to follow the news from the archipelago, as well as having access to various entertainment programs. For 50 years it has been the meeting point for all Madeirans, those who live inside and outside. Close to sight and close to heart, the history of RTP Madeira ended up intersecting with the history of the region itself, having always been present in the decisive moments of its autonomy, the conquest of democracy and national affirmation.

These 50 years of RTP Madeira are marked by a public service of proximity and quality. For 50 years we have given voice and stage to everything that happens in Madeira. From the very beginning, television has been at the forefront of major events, from the arts to sports, politics and social life.”, says Gil Rosa, deputy director of content at RTP Madeira.

It is half a century of facts, events, achievements, but also difficult moments. 50 years later, RTP Madeira continues to be a reference for the island, with committed and creative teams that daily contribute to independent information and family entertainment, which are a reflection of culture and tradition always accompanied by the contemporaneity of the time.

RTP Madeira arrived 50 years ago and never let go of the Madeirans. Today, RTP Madeira has the challenge of maintaining its proximity and relevance to the archipelago, especially at a time when the offer and accessibility to other media and platforms have increased massively. Technology has changed the way of communicating and watching television, but RTP Madeira has followed the new times, “enhancing its position with the creation of content for the different platforms. [O digital] it is an area in permanent transformation and which almost requires constant adaptation, which we continue to privilege. Making television implies a permanent technological adaptation”, concludes Gil Rosa.

The Madeira archipelago is a place of passage, of departures, farewells and arrivals. But with RTP Madeira there are no departures or goodbyes. There are encounters before, with the emotion of an arrival.

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