Vintage car lovers share stories at Parque do Bicão


The venue was the stage for the third edition of the vehicle meeting and was attended by hundreds of people; See some pictures of the event

Beetles that were exhibited by collector Jobinho at the event. Photo: Thayná Cunha/city on

This Sunday (11) Parque do Bicão, in São Carlos, was the stage for the third edition of the Vintage Cars Meeting, which brought together hundreds of people. Between exhibitors and mere visitors, the sensations were a mixture of fun, admiration and an awakening of passions. (Check the photo gallery below)

Wherever they looked, visitors were met with the most varied vehicles. Customized, elegant, with vibrant and eccentric colors, unique details and some even with “black plates” – which indicate old vehicles that have original parts with more than 30 years of production, that is, collector cars.

The collector Jobinho, as he is known, is one of them. In the “lack of one” vehicle, he exhibited four at the event: one Beetle 63 blue with black plate, one Convertible 80 white Beetlean electric motorcycle customized with the colors of the famous Herbie 53 and a Red VW 1600 variantof 72.

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Although everyone calls attention for its authenticity, Job confesses that the most admired by the visitors was the variantand for very curious reasons: the classic “Baby On Board” warnings accompanied by dolls and the striking characterization of Ladybug, a children’s cartoon character created in mid-2015.

“I’ve had this exclusive vehicle for five years, and one day my 8-year-old daughter Livia said it was called Ladybug, so we characterized her from the old to the new. The idea is to keep that name as long as she wants,” she reported.

“Ladybug” variant, customized by Jobinho’s daughter. Photo: Thayná Cunha/city on

In addition to them, Job still has a yellow 77 Beetle in his garage, characterized as a taxi, and his love for cars is so great that it has become his craft. “I have a car rental company in the city, I work with executive transportation, rental cars, and the old ones ended up becoming a passion. When there is an event, they invite us to exhibit”, he said.

the group of farofeiros
Meetings like this bring together many people with the same passions, and this is also the concept of Farofeiros groupwhere around 50 people share this admiration, and between trips to participate in exhibitions, reinforce this union.

Alexandre Ricardo Rodrigues is one of the participants. He bought his car, a white Beetle, from a cousin who had to sell due to personal problems. From there came the connection with the companions.

“The Beetle has been with me for almost six months, we changed some things along the way. I had the grateful pleasure of meeting these guys, we are structuring the group, but it is always a pleasure to be together to enjoy the ride and spend some perrengues on the roads ”, he said.

Car lover Adalberto Heck da Silva is also among the Farofeiros. Owner of two Commodore, he brought to the event the green 77 four-cylinder that he won in a raffle buying six numbers for R$25 each. The baby from 79, who has quite a story, this time was resting.

“I had my car 30 years ago, but due to life situations I had to sell it after two months. So I thought: I’ll have to buy another one, same color, same year, everything. It took me 25 years to buy one, exactly what I wanted, just like that. It was very difficult to find. Two months after I bought it, I won the 77 in the raffle”, he said.

Adalberto Heck da Silva with his Commodore 77. Photo: Thayná Cunha/city on

The event has no time to end and still has a food court and cultural presentation. For visitors, admission is free, and for exhibitors, admission is a donation of one kilo of food or R$10.

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