Tiana Tolstoy – Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Archive

The idea of ​​less is more is a maxim widely used by those who dictate fashion trends. The same can be applied in terms of aesthetic procedures, when treatments are performed by professionals with common sense and who have mastered the new techniques.

To talk about the subject, we invited the journalist Viviana Navarro interviewing the doctor Marcella Alves, dermatologist at Les Peaux Clinic, specialist in three-dimensional facial rejuvenation. See our #TheList:

In addition to facial harmonization, which covers the face as a whole, what specific areas of the face do patients usually look for to reverse excesses committed by other professionals in terms of filling?

The regions that patients tend to look for the most to reverse excesses in terms of filling are: dark circles, lips and cheeks.

How long can it take to reverse these unsatisfactory results?

Filling with hyaluronic acid can be removed through the application of hyaluronidase, which has the role of reversing the effects of filling in 48 hours, which can take up to 15 days. This procedure is simple and the substance can be applied to any region of the face. After that, the patient is reassessed to see whether or not he will need a second application, which is quite common.

Is there a specific age group or gender that usually looks for these repairs of botched procedures?

Not. It can be done on any age group or gender and even years later. Badly done filling has to be removed… It never comes out!

Are there cases that cannot be reversed in the office and may have an indication for a surgical center, with a plastic surgeon?

There are cases of surgical indication for removal of the filling. They are fillings made with non-absorbable products, such as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA, methacryl or called bioplasty) and silicone (DMSO or siloxanes). Its removal is through surgery.