Theater play on cooperativism is presented in 10 cities in Paraná


On the holiday of September 7, the show “Cooperativa Fuzuê”, by Forféu Atividades Artísticas, performs an open rehearsal at 8 pm at Arena das Artes. After that, the play begins to circulate through nine other cities in Paraná. All presentations will have a Libras interpreter and bring the actors Bárbara Bittencourt; Bianca Cristina; Nathália Kretschmer and Pedro H. Daniel, directed by Jéssica Fiñana.

The central theme is cooperativism, shown from a light and funny story that takes place with the residents of a tenement where everyone participates in everyone’s life and everyone is always collaborating in some way with the well-being of the other. “Since the beginning of the scenic process, we have sought to work collaboratively, from theoretical studies on the subject, as well as in creative practices”, comments the director.

The characters live in the Cortiço Fuzuê. Tito is a curious boy who dreams of being a film director and loves technology. Vó Zildinha is a hand full boleira, famous in the neighborhood. Together, they decide to increase sales by recording videos for social networks, but with the success achieved, the need to expand the company arises and the characters decide to create a cooperative. The objective is to reflect on how collective work can be a form of social organization.

“The play was not designed to be an entrepreneurship class, but to show that the cooperative spirit of helping others is inherent to people and can be used to think about actions that promote a greater good and bring collective benefits”, says the producer. Alan Gaitarosso.

Until the end of the month, the assembly will go through Atalaia, Terra Boa, Centenário do Sul, Jussara, Paiçandu, Rolândia, Arapongas and São Jorge do Ivaí. The project also includes free theater workshops that will share the creation process used in the show. The workshops are aimed at people over 14, with or without theater experience.


Theatrical show “Cooperativa Fuzuê”, by Forféu Atividades Artísticas.

Open rehearsal: September 7th at 8 pm at Arena das Artes (Av. Deputado José Alves dos Santos, 4367, Jardim Brasil)

Free entry | Free classification

schedule of presentations

September 8: Atalaia – at Vânia Maria Simão Municipal School at 7:30 pm

September 9: Terra Boa – at the Casa da Cultura at 7:30 pm

September 11: Centennial of the South – at the Maria Augusta Algodoal Podes Theater at 7:30 pm

September 12: Jussara – at Colégio Estadual Senador Moraes de Barros at 7pm

September 14: Paiçandu – at the Elderly Center at 7:30 pm

September 15th: Rolândia – at the Nanuk Cultural Center at 7:30 pm

September 21: Arapongas – at the Amphitheater Oduvaldo Vianna Filho “Vianinha” at 19:30

September 22: São Jorge do Ivaí – at the Professora Maria Aparecida Moreno Picolli Cultural Center at 7pm

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