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If in the past it was more common to differentiate gender in clothes, nowadays this idea is increasingly outdated. More and more men are trying to break the rules of fashion and express themselves through the clothes they wear.

The famous Brad Pitt is part of the list of men who are increasingly fighting for women’s rights and equality. This one recently chose to stand out and point out that both skirts and heels aren’t just for women.

Jared Leto is also one of the well-known artists who stands out for his enigmatic styles of Hollywood and everything is focused on fun.

Jared Elordi known for the series ‘Euphoria’ has been the center of attention since posing in a white corset and earrings. From there, the actor began to think of clothes as a means of artistic expression.

Among these names, the one who is probably the youngest singer with the most style on stage could not be missing. Harry Styles has conquered the Internet with its wardrobe, considered a real fantasy, for those who like free fashion. The singer was the first man to appear alone on the cover of the magazine ‘Vogue’ American with a dress and blazer.

Another singer who was also successful was bad bunny who decided to pose for ‘Jacquemus’, a fashion brand, wearing a pink minidress, stockings and high-heeled sandals.

Last but not least is the famous singer Billy Porter that increasingly wants to eliminate existing gender stereotypes. This one has appeared at several events with dresses and lots of jewelry.

A big challenge for fashion. See the photo gallery above.

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