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The programming proposals Sesc Rio Preto include cultural and sports entertainment through different events aimed at all audiences and age groups. These are actions that generate reflection, facilitate dialogue, transfer knowledge and, above all, provide non-formal education to the public.

To this end, a varied agenda of multiple languages ​​such as literature, cinema, music, sport and physical activities, theater, technologies and arts, circus, health and well-being is prepared every month, and in August – as it could not be , Sesc Rio Preto planned several highlights to please different audiences.

For those who love the performing arts, there is also a theater in August. Sesc’s cultural tip is the spectacle Hip-Hop Blues – Estate of the waters, with Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos, on the 24th, which is inspired by the underground rivers of the city of São Paulo and brings memories to the surface. In a scenic game that rubs testimony and fiction, the center of the agora is permeated by stories and ancestry that reveal and oppose racism, morality, lgbtqia+phobia, intolerance, white and patriarchal supremacy and its numerous structural arms.

Another activity that always attracts a lot of public is the sound [+], which seeks to re-signify the spaces of common use at Sesc Rio Preto, through a multimedia program that integrates different artistic languages, workshops and experiences. A series of events organized over the course of a single day, ranging from creative workshops to an open forró class, to a musical show with the trio Saculejowith songs by Luiz Gonzaga, Dominguinhos, Trio Nordestino and others.

All of this added to an independent cultural fair, in which artists and artisans from Rio Preto and region, who participate in Sesc’s social valorization actions, through the permanent project “Weaving a Network of Knowledge”, are invited to exhibit and sell their products. products directly to the public that frequents the unit.

And for those who like sports, a live chat with special guests will attract football lovers. Review! takes place on the 25th, with the presence of the former athlete Aloísio Chulapaby former referee Oscar Roberto Godoi and the narrator Isabelly Morais.

The traditional free activities for children of the project cannot be left out of this list. Artery, which take place on weekends and make families happy. They are literature mediations and various creative workshops, in which participants learn to create objects with simple and reusable materials, or even fun games, so that the game can be taken home or anywhere else.

And speaking of children, nothing better than the playful fun of circus shows, light and filled with traditional clowning, like the ones that will take place on August 28: Strimilicotric. the artists of company Sings Circus and Theater they put on a show mixing music and circus, and invite the public to have fun with new, relaxed songs and some with no head or tail! The irreverence and circus interventions of the clowns Tchutchuco, Cuíca and Batatatinha make the public feel free to dance, jump and sing.

All these August highlights and many other Sesc Rio Preto programs can be accessed on the portal or, for those who like to stay up to date with news and receive reminders of what is happening at the unit, Sesc Rio Preto is on the main social networks – just search for @sescriopreto and start following!

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