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The style oversized is a trend among personalities from Brazil and the world, but do you know what it means? From the term “over“, or “above” in English, and sizedin size = “size”, it consists of the use of baggy clothes that can be very stylish!

With origins 100 years ago, it also proves how cyclical fashion is. “The first time the style manifested itself with force was in the 20’s. Since then, it has always been associated with women to guarantee more freedom, equality of rights and mobility”, explains stylist Dudu Bertholini.

Luísa Sonza: oversized boots and jacket — Photo: Instagram reproduction

Dudu says that, at the time, fashion brought more freedom to women. “Until then, they wore corset, crinoline, super tight and uncomfortable clothes, which prevented them from getting around and occupying spaces of power in society.”

“In the post-war period, when she won the right to vote and began to compete in the job market, we see oversized fashion take off for the first time, bringing a super contemporary sense to women“, it says.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel was a reference in this style — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Chanel

Oversized with 90s influence

The trend has had many references over the years – Coco Chanel was one of the pioneers of the movement – ​​and nowadays it is worn by both men and women.

“There are a lot of people using it, especially American celebrities, who, with a Los Angeles style, spread this contemporary oversized to the whole world.”

Duda Beat is also a fan of an oversized look — Photo: Instagram reproduction

Today’s style is directly related to the 90’s, when men wore, for example, hip hop-inspired baggy clothes; in basketball players and bet on items such as a t-shirt + baggy pants.

Ivete Sangalo wore an oversized suit at the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ — Photo: Globo

Tips for those who want to start using the style:

Curious to know more? Check out Dudu Bertholini’s tips:

  • Mix the oversized with tighter pieces;
  • Create an entire look with just one oversized piece.. “Using a single big shirt as a dress or ‘shirt’ as a style, makes the look light”;
  • Leave some body parts on display. “The pants are wide, but short, leaving the calf out. The blazer is big, but the bosom is on display. It gives a lightness, I breathe”;
  • You can use oversized and sophisticated items, such as a blazer and other tailoring pieces. Invest in accessories too;

Aline Gotschalg composed the look with just one oversized piece — Photo: reproduction Instagram

  • Be careful with the size of the piece. Ideally, use two sizes larger than yours. “Overall, if you wear a piece that’s too big, it can swallow you or make you smaller.”
  • Use flowing fabrics to bring lightness to the look
  • For those who want a bigger and more elongated look, Go for a monochromatic look. “You can do it in just one color and, for those who are already adventurous, anything goes. Fashion is here to enhance our personal style.”

Brunna Gonçalves: oversized pink jacket — Photo: Instagram reproduction

Mari Gonzalez: bets on accessories to make the oversized look more sophisticated — Photo: reproduction Instagram

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