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From Minas Gerais based in Brasília, Raquel Jones is a renowned fashion entrepreneur, mainly in the sportswear business. Now, another step is taken in the entrepreneurial trajectory: the inauguration of the new space of multi-brand Jeté, in the South Lake. There, you can find pieces of beachwearfitness and ballet.

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Jeté: Raquel Jones’ dream

Founded in 2020, Jeté arrived to concentrate in one place different labels, focusing on quality, comfort and trends. “It is a moment of great fulfillment and happiness. Exactly six years ago, I started my business life, opening the Capezio Concept store. Now, I’m here, expanding with the multi-brand Jeté”, he celebrates.

With the novelty, the businesswoman will curate more and more accurately. “I have more freedom, I can sell more brands that print my style, my look. I believe in a fashion where a woman can be whatever she wants: she can wear workout clothes to go out, she can wear a bikini and why not make it a piece of clothing? black tie?”, says Raquel Jones, in an interview with the column.

Raquel Jones poses in front of the window of the multi-brand Jeté
Raquel Jones is the founder of Jeté

Ballet pieces in new multi-brand store Jeté
The businesswoman from Minas Gerais entered the clothing business with Capezio Conceito, which makes ballet clothes, six years ago.

New multi-brand store Jeté
Current mining company, Jeté was created in 2020

New multi-brand store Jeté
The new multi-brand space is located in Lago Sul, in Brasília

New multi-brand store Jeté
THE label offers parts for beachwearfitness and ballet

On the macaws, there are brands such as Adriana Degreas, Triya, August Swim and Forlegs. One of the highlights is the collab of the carioca brand Cosmo with the digital influencer Thai de Melo Bufrem. According to Raquel Jones, this is the first offline point of sale for the beachwear.

I went to check out Jeté’s debut and chose my favorite pieces. In the selection, there are versatile clothes, such as oversized with print in black and white, flowy dress with transparency and set comfy with white shorts. Other cool items, like bodysuits with animal print and stripped boots, complement the repertoire.


Mannequin in ballet position wearing animal print bodysuit
Bold body with a mix of animal print

On a hanger, oversized shirt with black and white print
Shirt oversized compose cool visuals

On a hanger, long black dress with transparency
Long flowing dress for outfits with touch of transparency

On a hanger, white shorts and white t-shirt
Set comfy for everyday

Black boots on shelf
Black boots for bold compositions, with a hint of punk


The official opening of Jeté, at QI 11 in Lago Sul, took place on August 4th. With the signature of the architect Meire Gomide, the new space has modern decor and flamingo paintings. Available products can also be purchased at multi-brand e-commerce.

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