Meet Malu Borges, a successful tiktoker with controversial and unusual looks | went viral


For your bold style, Malu Borges It has become more and more viral on social media! She became a fever by sharing different haute couture looks and caused several reactions from her followers.

The success began after Malu appeared with a Bottega Veneta bag, valued at R$25,000. The accessory model resembles a towel. This unusual trait went viral among Gen Z audiences.

Malu Borges with a luxury bag — Photo: Reproduction

Her passion for fashion runs in the family. Her mother, Marcia Borges, is a fashion and business consultant and professor in the field. “I always had a little bit of that growing up,” she told Gshow.

“My mother inspires me a lot and is always up to date with the people around me, living all this with me.”

Marcia and Malu Borges on campaign — Photo: Disclosure: FARFETCH

Her great reference comes from inside the house, but also from superstar and model Bella Hadid, who is also known for “getting out of the box”, according to the influencer.

From Petrópolis, she is married and has a young daughter who already combines looks with her mother. Maria Isabel is part of everyday content and “Get Ready With Me”, a trend in which bloggers record video choosing looks for a specific purpose.

Malu Borges and daughter — Photo: Reproduction

This is the most successful trend on the creator’s account, which has accumulated almost 3 million followers on Tik Tok. “Intuitively, my videos were on this path, and even though I still didn’t work very hard with it, when I saw things were happening I said: ‘Damn, how wonderful! I’m going to start working with what I love’ .”

Still criticized, but highly praised, for the expensive and unusual items in her wardrobe, she also talks about the importance of fashion as a form of behavior. “It is expression through the dress, through the hair, through a series of things that help to compose an aesthetic, a desire at a given moment. When many people adopt the same form, it becomes a fashion at that moment.”

Malu Borges at the MTV Miaw Awards — Photo: Disclosure/Studiomada75

“People often confuse DRESS fashion with consumerism and maybe that’s why many people think fashion is futile but it’s not necessarily things that go together.”

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