Marcos Palmeira receives Oscarito Trophy in Gramado and is applauded for his performance as Zé Leôncio, in Pantanal – Rádio Itatiaia


André DiBiase, from the word consultancy, a former actor himself, narrates the experience: “I had to play security. People went crazy when Marcos Palmeira got out of the car to step on the red carpet.” Saturday (13) was Palmeira’s big night in the gaúcha mountains. He took a weekend break from recording in Pantanal to receive the Oscarito Trophy at the 50th Gramado Festival, the highest honor the festival bestows on a Brazilian artist.

Marquinhos, as he is affectionately called, twice won the Kiikito – best supporting role for Dedé Mamata, in 1988, best actor for Barrela – Escola de Crimes, in 1990. His bookshelf now also bears the Oscarito.

The festival is a film festival, and right away it has already presented a great Brazilian film – A Mãe, by Cristiano Burlan, with Marcélia Cartaxo in a state of grace. A good part of that audience that wanted to touch Marcos Palmeira, take a selfie with him, could meet the film artist, but most were there to greet Zé Leôncio from Pantanal.

Along with his awards, Palmeira was in Gramado, years ago, to participate in the tribute that the festival paid to his father, producer and director Zelito Viana. He recalled-“Our house used to be the production company’s headquarters. I grew up in this environment, performing all the functions that someone can perform in the cinema. It was a long road that brought me here”.

Before acting, I work with indigenous people

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be an actor. He worked at the Indian Museum. He accompanied photographer Luiz Carlos Saldanha when he went to document uncontacted indigenous people in Pará. “We were going to stay for four days, we stayed 28. We were warned about certain things. That we kept our distance from the great warrior of the tribe. We became friends, we simulated fights, we rolled with him on the ground as if we were children. And at night, around the fire , when everyone would get together to tell stories, I would simulate life in the city. I would imitate cars – ‘Vrum-vrum.’ It was there that I discovered my vocation, which was to be an actor.”

He made the first version of Pantanal and, when he heard about the remake of the telenovela, he offered to participate, no matter what the role would be. He won-deserved it from Zé Leôncio. He had to age inwardly to play the character. He still feels very young, at 58, he will be 59 on Friday the 19th.

Alongside representation, Marcos Palmeira has been a warrior in the defense and discussion of environmental issues. Gramado is a major tourist hub. “Tourism, cinema and environmental protection can and should go together. They are sources of wealth.” Democracy – “We must protect it, it is necessary.” He said that Jair Bolsonaro criminalizes the arts and Brazil has no cultural policy. The movies? – “Art builds our identity.” Palmeira can return to the Pantanal, to Zé Leôncio’s farm. He has already contributed to the brilliance of these 50 years of Festival de Gramado.

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