Lingerie on display: new casual fashion trend


The time when lingerie needed to be hidden was with God. Now, for women who want to show style, presence and sophistication, the fashion is to use the intimate models on display in the composition of the look. There’s nothing vulgar about it, so don’t worry if this is a concern.

When well combined, the look is stylish and very beautiful. In order to show you how you can make these compositions, we have separated 5 essential tips especially for you. Continue reading and check it out:

Tip 1: Show your bra!

Those who follow Madonna know that this fashion is a small thing for her, since bras appear in the singer’s look for a long time. Be one lace bra or the most basic ones, there are ways to combine and guarantee a rocking outfit.

In the case of lace bras, they can be worn with a tulle bodysuit or without anything on top, like a crop top. On the bottom, you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable with: pants, skirt or shorts.

On the feet, the variation goes from sneakers to heels, leaving it up to you to choose the ideal composition for the event.

In relation to the basic bra, that is, the bra with cups, it can be combined with a shirt. Close the buttons at the height of the bra and leave a small part of the lingerie exposed.

Tip 2: panties can also

who said the panty can’t be shown? It can and for sure. The trend of the year 2000 is back with a bang and is making the biggest hit in 2022, especially among famous actresses and influencers.

Whether with mom pants, boyfriend pants, sweatshirt or low-waisted pants models, the panties on display, at the waist, are a real charm. Of course, there are many women who don’t like fashion, but you can bet without fear, if you want.

By the way, a tailoring set, combined with the color of the panties, goes super well too. Don’t forget to bet on Tendencies, but make it feel comfortable.

Tip 3: Bet on classic fashion cuts

For those who want to be sexy without being vulgar, betting on classic fashion cuts is essential. In these cases, you can invest in lingerie or body. As they are social models, the look continues to guarantee modernity, style and elegance.

Tip 4: Give preference to lace

Regardless of which lingerie you are going to use, give preference to lace. In addition to being always in fashion, lace conveys an air of sensuality, romanticism and modernity. Therefore, of bras without cups to the body, the lace is extremely welcome.

Tip 5: Keep an eye on the stones

At night events, the cool thing is to draw attention. For this, it is necessary to use lingerie that have this purpose. The stones and rhinestones are fundamental bets and are excellent for bars, clubs or parties. In this case, leave them on display, like a crop top or top.

Take note of these tips and rock wherever you are.

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