How streetstyle and Instagram changed the way we consume fashion


If you like fashion and live on planet Earth, Hailey Bieber has already passed through your feed, on your screen and even in your thoughts. The mine is a streetstyle phenomenon, everything she wears is photographed madly, goes viral and sells out. And I honestly don’t even know how this wave started with what she wears, but I’m sure she had the help of a stylist.

Pause here for us to talk about what a stylist is, what she does, what she feeds on: personal stylist is the professional who helps you better understand your style, your choices, helps you express yourself through clothes. Stylist, in general, is someone who, in addition to thinking about the style and what the person wants to express, takes care of creating a fashion image. Who is famous is not just dressing up. Whoever appears a lot, frequents the red carpet and is photographed a lot, also ends up being responsible, nowadays, for launching trends, influencing behavior, going viral or going bankrupt a fashion product.

In the old days, the famous appeared little in everyday life, right? We saw actresses, models and singers on stage, on TV and in movies. Today, two things have changed the way we consume fashion: Instagram —celebrities also post all day, non-stop— and streetstyle, which are those photos we have of people at parade doors, at parties, events and even walking. in the street. Never before in the history of fashion has the street influenced the catwalk and consumption so much! And that, of course, also applies to the super famous, like Hailey Bieber.

We know what outfit she goes to the gym with, how many and which bikinis she wore today at the beach, if she’s a fan of gold or silver and the day and time she cut and dyed her hair. The exposure of (less) planned life has never been greater! If in the past an artist hired a stylist for a party, film premiere, today the stylist has a full-time role in these people’s lives. It sounds crazy, I know, but it’s business and Hollywood doesn’t play around with it.

“I started to notice that Hailey Bieber left her hair darker, went on to choose more sophisticated pieces, including tailoring”

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Last year I studied with Maeve Reilly, she, at the time, was the one who dressed Hailey and we zoomed in with the two of them telling how the partnership worked: in general, the model learned a lot about fashion and about her own style, Maeve sent it to her just a curatorship of pieces and she, Hailey, mixed and created her own looks. A big help, right? But in this conversation, the model wanted to make it clear that she knows what she likes, knows herself and has her own desires.

Time passed and I started to notice that Hailey Bieber left her hair darker, started to choose more sophisticated pieces, included a lot of tailoring and appeared super minimalist on several red carpets. I was overjoyed! The cat has always been known for wearing a lot of casual pieces, a lot of jeans, a lot of sneakers, a lot of tank top… Where did so much tailoring come from? No sooner said than done! Hailey changed her stylist. Today the professional who takes care of this closet is the sensational Karla Welch.

Karla has been wearing Justin Bieber for years and practically invented this long t-shirt that he wore so much — and that became a fever! At the beginning of his career, all t-shirts were made at the seamstress, with Karla’s design. While Maeve is, in her personal style, a woman who likes tighter clothes and a lot of bare skin, Karla likes a style that mixes traditionally masculine codes with traditionally feminine pieces.

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Hailey Biebermodel

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After that came Dani Michelle — who also has this more minimalist print look (or is it because minimalism is in fashion?) and dresses people like Kendall Jenner. In other words, Hailey is clearly rethinking her own style, right?

I don’t think we’ll ever know if Hailey changed her stylist because she changed her taste or if she changed her clothes because she changed her stylist, but something happened there in that style.

Minerva’s vote

It’s worth saying, from my own experience, that stylist doesn’t rule famous. Maybe you sent more a few years ago, but nowadays EVERYONE has opinions, desires and already has a style. Since seeing famous people I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as “who wore that awful dress on this woman, what a terrible stylist!” because the client is not a doll in which we wear whatever we want. The client is our boss, Minerva’s vote, the final card. No one decides on a Red Carpet Oscar dress alone, for example. It’s a gigantic team! If it goes wrong, it’s a lot of people’s fault.

And just think about the crap that is dressing a famous person: sometimes the camera takes a bad angle, sometimes the clothes look beautiful live and in the video they look terrible, sometimes they look great during the day and terrible at night, sometimes they work in standing but sitting does not roll. How many times have I dressed actresses for previews and the background of the photo (which I asked, checked and matched before) changes color?

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Hailey Bieber

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Clothes + famous is a binomial that is infinitely more likely to go wrong than right. It has a lot of variables. And, if in the US it is a super business, in Brazil it is still an incipient market, without an organized training, very poorly paid (in most cases) and very informal.

As for which comes first, I like to believe that a good stylist is one who lets personal style come first.

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