From rock to piseiro, check out the schedule for this Sunday (7) of Projeto Pôr do Sol Fortaleza


Banda Reite is the attraction that will liven up the stage of Projeto Pôr do Sol Fortaleza this Sunday (7), which will also have singer and songwriter Bruna Ene in a special participation. The presentation starts at 5 pm, at Espigão do Náutico, and will also be broadcast live on Instagram, on the project profile (@pordosolfortaleza).

Sunset Project

Formed in 2008, Banda Reite has performed over 2,000 throughout its history. The group has already opened shows by artists such as Jota Quest, Biquini Cavadão, Kid Abelha, Roberta Sá, Lulu Santos, Ivete Sangalo, Roupa Nova, Nando Reis and Zé Ramalho. The band has a varied musical repertoire, consisting of medleys and mashups, ranging from rock to piseiro, from the 60s to the present day.

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Fortress Sunset Project
Date: 08/07 (Sunday)
Time: 5pm
Location: Espigão do Náutico
free access
Where to watch: Instagram @pordosolfortaleza
The show may be canceled in case of rain.

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Zeppelin Festival of Music and Arts

The pop band Lagum is currently one of the main on the rise in the country. The group performs in Fortaleza, exclusively, at the Zeppelin Music and Arts Festival. The event will take place on August 20 at the Marina Park Hotel.

With numbers of high range and performance, Lagum unites freshness, innovation, talent and musical quality. With only seven years of career, the group already has three albums released: “Seja o que Eu Quiser”, from 2016, “Coisas da Geração”, from 2019, and the most recent, “Memórias”, from 2021.

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