Footsteps 2022 starts this Saturday (3)


One of the biggest integrated arts festivals in the North region is back, and it starts this Saturday (3). This year, #SouManaus Passo a Paço 2022 will feature more than 100 hours of programming during the four days of the event (September 3, 4, 5 and 6), bringing together more than 300 local artists, 22 national attractions, and even an attraction International. The shows of different musical styles take place on the “Tucupi”, “Caboquinho” and “Coreto” stages. The program is free, and it also has a gamer space, gastronomic fair, theater, literature, fashion, circus, crafts, urban culture, “gospel balcony”, “Passinho kids” and much more.

This edition arrives full of news starting with the name of the event, which was previously just called “Passo a Paço” and now won the #SouManaus as a way to draw the world’s attention to this great festival that takes place in the capital of Amazonas. This year, there will even be a day dedicated only to gospel music, as well as children’s music.

The first day of the event is one of the most awaited by the public and features national attractions such as rapper Djonga, and emerging names from the new MPB, such as Duda Beat and Jão. The Amazon band Alaídenegão opens the program, and DJ Marcos Tubarão is the one who animates the crowd during the intervals between the shows. They all perform on the same stage, the Tucupi.

“What we are preparing for this show is just ‘high’, only the songs that we know the public likes, the favorites. We are preparing to play a sequel to them. In an hour of show, you can do it really cool, we are very excited”, said the vocalist and guitarist of the band Alaídenegão Rafael Ângelo, who will also enjoy the festival as a spectator. “On Sunday, since we’re not going to play, I’m going to watch Odair José”, he reveals.

Also on Saturday, on the “Caboquinho” stage, “Gang do Forró” will be performed; DJ Rafa Militao; Marcia Novo; Barbara Eugenia; Lia Sophia & Pinduca and Double You. The Amazon singer Duda Raposo is the first to take the “Coreto” stage, at 5 pm; the artist shares the stage with DJ Madame C, and Amazonian artists Karen Francis and Bel Martine.

Márcia Novo reveals to BEM VIVER TV that she takes a completely updated repertoire to the stage of #SouManaus Passo a Paço. “I’m going to put some original stuff, I’m going to play an unreleased song, at the end of the month I’m going to release a video clip – ‘We knew well’, and a lot of new stuff, a lot of international music versions, hits of the moment… I won’t say which ones. it’s not the songs, you’ll have to go there to watch the show (laughs), but it’s very beautiful”, emphasizes the artist.

Those who go to the event on Sunday (4th) will have the opportunity to watch shows by artists such as Nunes Filho, Odair José, Casa de Caba, Agenor, Agostinho e Léo, Conduta Zero 92, Tasha & Tracie, Flow Music, Nicolas Jr. and much more. On Monday (06), Scalane, Joelma and Jota Quest will take the “Tucupi” stage, along with DJ Pimenta with Sal and The Stone Ramos.

Diogo Nogueira and Felipe Araújo will be on the “Caboquinho” stage, where Jr. Rodrigues/Dudu Brasil, DJ Leandro Menezes and Forró Delivery. The “Coreto” stage features “Banda Banda Nobre”, DJ Cricket Bug”, Cordão do Beiradão Salomão Rossi, Couro Velho and Gabi Dias.

On Tuesday, September 6th, it will be the day dedicated to the songs of the gospel segment. Religious names such as Father Antônio Maria, Leandro Borges and André Valadão perform on the “Tucupi” stage; already on the “Caboquinho” stage, Miss. Tony Allison, DJ David Michilis, Tony Salles, Banda Atrium, Art Trio and Bruna Karla close the event with a flourish.

More information about the artists, show schedules and news about the spaces promoted by the event can be found on the festival’s website (



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