First Look Festival ends program with Chilean theater


posted on 08/26/2022 16:36

(credit: Tony Oliveira/Agência Brasilia – 4/25/21)

The eighth edition of Primeira Olhar — International Festival of Performing Arts for Early Childhood occupies the Renato Russo Cultural Space (508 South) until Sunday (28/8). The program is made up of leading performing arts groups from Latin America, Europe and the Federal District with shows specially designed for babies.

With artistic direction and production by actress and director Clarice Cardell and made possible with financial support from the Culture Support Fund (FAC), from the Federal District Department of Culture and Creative Economy, Primeira Olhar is a consolidated action in the field of scenic creations aimed at for the public between zero and six years old — early childhood — and their families.

During the festival period, the Renato Russo Cultural Space hosted, in addition to performances on Saturdays and Sundays, with tickets at R$20 and R$10 (half), the Origami Family exhibition, produced by Makoto Studio. The exhibition is still available for viewing.

To close the program, Primeira Olhar hosts the Chilean company Teatro de Ocasión, with the show Thumbon Saturday (27/8) and on Sunday (28/8), at 11 am and 4 pm.

In parallel with the actions at 508 Sul, the Primeiro Olhar festival also takes theater to early childhood audiences in hospitals, day care centers and shelters, with a program made up of shows created by companies in Brasília that have been developing research in the field of fountains. originating in the human arts.

Programming the final stretch of the First Look

Renato Russo Cultural Space (508 south)

Tum – Theater of Occasion (Chile)

August 27 and 28 at 11 am and 4 pm

Thumb it is a journey through the cycle of life, the sense of belonging, loss and encounter. Objects, narration, singing and movement. Woods, plastics and lights come to life and transform into a scene, continuing with the poetics of handicrafts in movement that the company has been developing in each of its creations.

Directed by: Tita Iacobelle Delpiano. Interpretation and live music: Maria Fernanda Carrasco Blancaire, Álvaro Sáez Ramírez and César Espinoza Araya. Integral design: Belem Abarza Castillo. Graphic design: Liza Retamal Salinas. Clothing production: Lorena Álvarez Lorealva. Making of luminous objects: Omaira Araya Orrego. Sound: Daniel Pieratini Serqueira

Origami Family Exhibition – Makoto Studio

Weekends from August 13 to 28, from 11 am to 6 pm. Free access

To make an alert about the species of animals that may cease to exist in the future, artist Ricardo Makoto invites the public to become aware of and fall in love with the world’s fauna in the Origami Family exhibition. Based on the secular Japanese technique of paper folding, the exhibition brings together original origami that have a familiar expression in common. Ricardo Makoto has a degree in Advertising from UnB and is currently dedicated to children’s entertainment design together with friends at his animation production company.

Children’s Hospital

The Concert – Cia Celeiro das Antas (DF)

August 29 at 10 am

The show brings to the scene the adventures of the character Zambelê, who, playing with everyday objects, discovers a new universe of possibilities, new uses and a variety of sounds. His great discovery is, when he realizes that he can make a concert, until he arrives in a song created collectively.

Script, direction and performance: Zé Regino. Light and sound technician: Pedro Gabriel. Costumes: Zé Regino and Luziária Oliveira. Scenery and props: Zé Regino and Robson Carvalho. Mediation: Marcela Regina. Producer: Ana Paula Martins

*Intern under the supervision of Nahima Maciel

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