Find out the highlights of today’s Fashion Squad, 08/06/2022


O fashion Squad this Saturday (06) shows another episode of the new season of reality. with the command of Lucas Anderi and Renata Kuertenthe program displays the history Agnes da Silva32 years old, who lives with her husband and their two children in the Jardim Nossa Senhora do Carmo neighborhood, in the East Zone of São Paulo, and works as a firefighter at the GRAACC Hospital.

Agnes always wore baggy clothes, oversized T-shirts and institution prints. After having a tummy tuck and liposculpture, she managed to raise her self-esteem a little about her body, but she still wears the same baggy, old clothes. “My wife is very pretty, but she lacks the clothes to complete the look. She always wears baggy shirts, even for family outings.”declares the husband.

The participant is a working woman, loves being with her family and going for walks. However, her clothes do not change at all. She always prefers to be in leggings and a loose shirt. “She spent two years going to work with a blouse tied around her waist. With sun or rain, she doesn’t let go of this mania”completes the firefighter’s beloved.

To join the Esquadrão da Moda, the participant went to have fun at the bowling alley and on that trip an actor got sick. Of course, the firefighter was ready to give first aid. What she didn’t know was that everything was arranged and the paramedics were Lucas Anderi and Renata Kuerten.

Will Lucas and Renata be able to change the participant’s style? The surprising transformation of Agnes can be seen in the Esquadrão da Moda this Saturday (06), from 21:30, on SBT.

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