Discover the women’s fashion trends for the gaucho summer


The first week of August (it will be 5, you know?) started with lots of colors, light fabrics and timelessness: it was RS Moda spring/summer 23, an event held by SIVERGS to promote the textile industry in Rio Grande do Sul and show all our know-how in well dressed.

We were at the event, which took place at Shopping Mercado da Moda, in downtown Porto Alegre, to check out the main trends that will compose women’s looks on hot days. Discover you too!

Miss Blue’s summer portrays 3 themes with styles that complement each other. With shapes that look like “being at home”, Botanical Lovers is inspired by exotic plants and refers to the movement of taking plants indoors. Floral Self works the femininity and romanticism of floral prints, in very light and fluid pieces, closer to the body. And Musket, in a more resort style, brings blue and art inspired by Islamic tiles to the pieces.

Feive bets on the versatility that is the face of summer. The pieces range from weekends at the beach or happy hour at the pool straight to everyday life in the city. Inspired by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, the collection brings elements of art, mythology and astrology in personalized and exclusive prints that value the power of contemporary women.

Mareblu Beachwear’s bet for the sunny and hot season includes authorial pieces and unique prints, which make bikinis, bathing suits, kaftans, kimonos, skirts, shorts, shirts and dresses versatile pieces to enjoy the beach and pool and parade around. full of style.

The stylist Jaque Soroka bets on timeless and versatile fashion for summer 23. Her pieces, in light and refined fabrics, emphasize femininity and the empowerment of women. Versatile, she brings to the hot days dresses that turn out to be out on the beach and shirts in fabrics that don’t wrinkle, super practical. Lightness is also present in the color palette, which has white, nude, water green, mint, blue…

In the authorial brand Ana Bah, a rocker footprint stands out in the shapes, colors, textures and style. Dark colors and a lot of shine add to the beauty and comfort of the pieces, made for real women, from 44 to 60. Here, the big trend is clothes that last, combine with each other.

The Aires de Verano 23 collection, by Declari, makes a big bet on colors and models, combining the lightness that the season calls for and the sophistication of the contemporary woman. That is, in addition to the classic black and white, summer has green, yellow, orange: there is a lot of life to stir up the hottest days of those who want to live intensely, enjoy the process and explore new paths.

The stylist Lys Barreto presented her party clothes line for summer 23. She bets on the fluidity of light fabrics and lots of color, which comes to brighten the resumption of life and events. All this in an authorial women’s fashion, created with exclusivity and unique modeling, which allows much more comfort and safety when dressing.

The OZ Jeans summer has light fabrics, many colors and sewing details that give a special touch to pants (even the most classic ones), overalls, pantaloons, shorts and dresses.

The Felitità collection, by Peregrino, is pure joy and an explosion of colors. The dressing experience is also about feeling the touch of fabrics, light and fluid, to experience the charms that summer, nature and life offer. The pieces form capsules of complete looks (pants or skirt, blazer and blouses), but allow compositions when mixed with each other. These mix of pieces, styles and textures also happen in the combination of colors, ranging from pink, orange and yellow, passing through black, nude and beige and the more pastel tones, in addition to the exclusive prints.

The stylist Juliana Fraccaro also bets on a timeless fashion, but more minimalist. For summer 23, she brings pieces in very light fabrics, which always provide more comfort and freedom on the hottest days.

Voxxe’s Summer 23, in addition to the classic black and white, bets on new, more vivid colors, but always timeless, such as caramel, offwhite, pink and mustard, always thinking about the combination of the pieces with each other.

Did you write down all the trends? Now just wait for summer to arrive!

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