Debate at Band – Behind the scenes of Rio


Quintino Gomes Freire| Photo: Rafa Pereira – Diário do Rio

Domingo has the first debate between candidates for governor in Rio de Janeiro. will be in bandO RIO JOURNALof course, will do a post-debate live to comment on the suitors’ performances.

Intelligent Tourism I
THE Municipal Secretary of Tourism of Riotogether with the João Goulart Foundation, signed a partnership with the business school of FGV. During 3 months, 4 students of the course will help in the development of the project Smart Tourist DestinationDTI.

Intelligent Tourism II
The DTI is a Spanish methodology and there are almost 120 transversal actions within the City Hall, which will bring this seal to the Marvelous City.

Top Complaint
if the light was the company with the most complaints in the 1st half of 2022 in the Procon Cariocaa river waters walks to be the champion fired in the 2nd semester.

civil disobedience
There is already talk of civil disobedience, since the company has been charging several properties a value far beyond what they consume, they say it is the minimum to be charged. As the water is being charged, but not being consumed, the idea is to leave the tap open. Águas do Rio seems to be rooting for waste.

On Thursday, State Representative Nurse Rejane entered in red Planalto Palace for the signing of the Law that creates the bill on the minimum salary for nurses. One way to face the Bolsonaro.

the wedding is over
At the end of the event, the First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, handed the Bic pen to Rejane. Soon after, a joke was heard: “The Nurse destroyed another Bolsonaro marriage“. evil.

the councilor Pedro Duarte renounced assistance for renting armored cars. This was already expected… but, known for asking for rides at all events, it remains to be seen whether colleagues will give or send Cricri da Câmara to take an Uber.

Pure blood
PL comes with pure blood plate, in the Senate it will be Romario heading with Bruno Bonetti as 1st alternate and Marco Braz as 2nd alternate.

Bonetti, it seems, is the only one who doesn’t play ball in the group, but he is the best politician among them. If he wasn’t the alternate, he might have deserved the vote.

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