Cruzeiro’s CEO details the destination of funds raised with a partner and highlights the importance of the program: ‘Without him, it would be more painful’; see future goals – 08/05/2022


The membership program of cruise has gained many new supporters since Ronaldo Fenômeno bought 90% of the club’s SAF and took over the celestial management in December last year. No wonder, the jump in the number of associates was almost 60 thousand, going from eight thousand to more than 62 thousand people from Cruzeiro, exceeding the R$ 30 million collected annually. Gabriel Lima, CEO of Raposa, recognizes the importance of this income.

In an interview with Globe, it also detailed the destination of the value. According to Gabriel Lima, there are no specific expenses for the budget, since the collection of the semiannual and annual models influences all areas of the club, including the payment of athletes’ salaries and other expenses. “Everything that is paid has a share of the partner”, said the CEO.

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– It is money used for all the needs of the club. When it comes to membership revenue, it’s recurring revenue, because most plans are paid monthly. But that revenue comes in fractions, over time, and over 12 months or six months. She has been fundamental for us. These are all aspects that we are in a position today that we would not be without the partner’s income. It is applied to all accounts, payment of salaries of players, staff, of the Burrows. Everything that is paid has a partner share.

In addition to paying expenses, Gabriel Lima said that Raposa’s membership program has been crucial for the club to rebuild. For him, without the amounts collected by the team from Minas Gerais with the partner, the process of rebuilding Cruzeiro would be even more difficult and time-consuming.

– It would be extremely complex. I would tell you that the process would take much longer to mature. We believe in what we are doing, we are very confident that it is a very serious work and that it will bear fruit in the long term. This support from the fans, due to the fact that the stadium is 100% free, with a member-fan having expressive numbers, in a decisive way, shortens the time to arrive in the long term. It would certainly be a more painful and much longer process.


Also in an interview, Cruzeiro’s CEO highlighted one of the club’s biggest concerns regarding the membership program: making qualitative changes.

– Instead of wanting to set a goal and expand, to reach an X or Y number, what we want to do is improve. We have a large number of partners. We want him to make the most of what the program has to offer. We are working on a number of improvements. It is far from ideal, far from what we want. But we are working to improve. If you have more than 62,000, you are most welcome. But we want these 62,000 to have the best experience possible.

Finally, Gabriel Lima thanked the fans for their trust and asked Cruzeiro people to calm down for the long-term results, Raposa’s goal.

– We are making the best decisions possible and the best decisions we believe in to rebuild Cruzeiro. Thank you for the trust, that this vote of confidence is also long-term, not just for this year. We will have a long transition process. And that things will not always happen the way we want and like. But, with confidence in the process, in such a long space of time, we will go back to what Cruzeiro was once again.

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