Car rental demand is increasing thanks to apps. Great Moves


The travel frenzy after the long layover because of the pandemic has not only created chaos in the sky, it has also caused a lot of shake-up in the rental companies as the Growing demand across Europe. The cause of the global semiconductor shortage that has crippled automobile production must always be sought and therefore manufacturers have fewer cars to sell to lessees. At the same time, they are the same ones that opened divisions dedicated to car rental. Clotilde Delbus, Director of Mobilize, Renault Service Division, This evolution is well explained: allowing the use of a model in various formats adapted to the needs of customers, in the long or short term, to propose or share subscriptions, thanks to the rental capacity that rental companies do not always have.

Volkswagen acquires Europcar to offer new mobility servicespart of the New Cars strategy, in a customer-centric view, following the entire vehicle ownership cycle, open space, from rental to purchase, taking into account that individual mobility will continue to be preferred until 2030, but will be more used and owned by the vehicle. Share Now hacked Stellantis, A joint venture commissioned by Daimler and BMW moved to Freee2move (the Stellantis company), where a part of Leasys (another Stellantis brand) was also incorporated to improve the mobility offering, with around 15,000 vehicles. Hertz, the US car rental giant, after coming out of bankruptcy in 2020 (Chapter 11), appointed Mark Fields, former Ford No. 1, as interim CEO in 2021 (now replaced by Stephen Scherr) . 100,000 Tesla electric cars, one of the biggest battery-powered car purchases in history, will be delivered by the end of 2022, worth $4.2 billion, as global demand for electric cars has become a global trend.

Sixt, another leading US rental company, active in more than 110 countries around the world, ended Q1 2022 as the best since the company’s birth (1912)It gained market share in both Europe and the United States, with a 76% increase in revenues over the same period in 2021, reaching 580.8 million euros, achieving a pre-tax profit of 93.5 million euros, with a fleet of over 220 thousand euros. Virtuo, a French startup founded in 2016, has established itself as a leading European company in 100% digital leasing.: After also arriving in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, it opened other offices in Germany and Portugal. Virtuo allows you to rent exclusively through an app, without going through an agency, and recorded a growth in 2021 of 70%.

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