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posted on 09/17/2022 06:00

(credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

The accumulated Mega-Sena will be drawn this Saturday (17/9), and the lucky person who plays the six winning dozens will take home the amount of R$ 125 million. Full of hope, gamblers from Brasilia look for the city’s lottery houses to guarantee that little feat. O Mail talked to some of the city’s bidders to find out what dreams are in the plans of those from Brasilia who hope to win the award.

In one of the lottery shops at Rodoviária do Plano Piloto, Ilson Pereira da Silva, 41, pays for his bets with his biggest project in mind: to enable the professionalization of fathers and mothers of his capoeira students in Areal. “Capoeira helps in the formation of each boy and can boost them to other careers. But for that you need money”, says the mestre. Also known as Professor Sorriso, Ilton would like to use the award to support athletes who struggle to get sponsorship, as was his case. “Recently, I had to go to Rio de Janeiro for a national competition. I knocked on several doors and many did not open”, he laments.

Who also has noble reasons to pocket the jackpot is Francisco Oliveira da Silva, 54, known as Galego. She says that she would allocate half of the money to charity projects aimed at the elderly and children treated at the cancer hospital. Philanthropy does not get in the way of personal projects. “The other half would be for travelling. I think that money would be enough, right?, jokes the bus driver.

Car washer Carlos Augusto dos Santos, 59, is less precise about distributing the money, should he be the winner. He says he will help people, without specifying who, and that he would return to his homeland. “I’m from Fortaleza (CE) and I’ve lived in Brasília for 49 years. I would go back there and buy a house by the beach”, confesses the washer. What to do with BRL 125 million

Who hasn’t spent a little time dreaming about what they would spend if they won the lottery? Of course, the possibilities are endless, even the most fanciful. With the Mega-Sena prize accumulated in your hands, it is possible to buy up to a castle and still have plenty left over for other investments. On a website that offers European castles for sale, it is possible to find properties with values ​​ranging between R$ 5 million and R$ 58 million, according to the exchange rate of August 16th.

Living off an income is also a great option for the new mega millionaire. The savings account is the most popular financial application in the country. If the lucky person deposits the entire prize in the investment, at current rates, he would earn about R$625,000 in the first month alone. At the end of a year, if he does not change the capital, the winner would accumulate just over R$ 7.7 million, in addition to the initial R$ 125 million.

Luxury items are also highly sought after by bettors. Among the seven car models of the Italian manufacturer Ferrari for sale in Brazil, the value is between R$ 3.4 million and R$ 8.4 million, that is, with the prize, the bettor could buy 14 copies of the most expensive, with R$ 7.4 million still remaining in change.

The big dream of most Brazilian families is to get rid of rent and finally own the place where they live. The Boletim de Conjuntura Imobiliária published by the Housing Union of the Federal District (Secovi-DF) points out that the square meter of the Northwest Sector is, on average, R$ 13 thousand. In this way, the winner of the accumulated Mega-Sena could acquire 48 properties of 200 m² in one of the most valued neighborhoods in Brasília.


Five gamblers from the Federal District almost became millionaires in last Thursday’s draw. In one of these games, played at a lottery in Lago Norte, the nine-number bet won R$158,685.00 with the corner of the Mega-Sena. Across Brazil, 160 bets hit the corner and pocketed at least R$39,000.

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