An Instagrammable experience arrives at Shopping SP Market


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Keeping up with the world’s biggest entertainment trends, House of Choices invades Shopping SP Market with an environment that promises to combine playful interactions and creative scenarios. Starting on August 19, fans of photography and immersive experiences will be able to enjoy the interactive space to create the most diverse memories.

The space aims to bring the feeling of being inside a dream, where all emotions come out through the five senses, with images, sounds, flavors, smells and touches.

Instilling imagination and the sensory system in a technological and dynamic way, the place interacts with consumers in different ways, so that they can watch, wear, feel, and especially, choose, the different paths presented by the 1,000 m² space.

But the biggest interaction, for sure, is the one you can keep. With that in mind, House of Choices will give you the opportunity to fully record this experience and share it with everyone around you. With a 100% instagrammable environment, the place has scenarios available to take pictures, make boomerangs, or even short videos for Story, Reels or IGTV.

Aiming at a 360° experience, House of Choices intends to make the user feel delighted at all points of contact, from the beginning to the end of the journey.

The journey, which takes around 1 hour, is narrated and explained in detail at the beginning, to clarify all doubts. Along the chosen paths, there will be the opportunity to know at least nine different scenarios, reaching up to 14 interactive rooms. Static arts and NFTs will be present throughout the exhibition, with the possibility of varying the artists over time. In addition, the scenarios will be recyclable, enabling reuse of materials and valuing sustainability.

The route ends at a shop, where visitors can buy from small souvenirs and products related to the exhibition spaces, to the arts exhibited along the way.

Aimed at all ages, House of Choices is a space to take the kids, made for those who live on social networks, and recommended for those who want to remember the nostalgia of being a child.

Children up to four years old, people with disabilities and autistic people will have free admission. In celebration of the grand opening, House of Choices will offer limited-time promotional tickets. To find out more about prices and ticketing, just access the House of Choices website.

Tickets will be purchased by appointment, with a limit of 25 people for every 20 minutes, allowing you to control the number of visitors who are in the space simultaneously, avoiding agglomerations and providing a safer experience for everyone.

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