Along with Kenner, rapper L7nnon enters the fashion world with a line of sandals: “My identity”


Rapper L7nnon is the newest member of the group of artists to have the opportunity to collaborate with a brand.

Together with Kenner in a collab made from fan to fan! L7NNON and the brand have created a unique collection for Kenner lovers. New and limited sandals with the identity, strength and elegance of the L7. These are pieces for those who are collectors and know how to recognize the value of an exclusive Kenner. Completes the brand on the official website.

On Instagram, the rapper also celebrated the collaboration with an exclusive post from a video he produced in partnership with the brand.

The collab Kenner + L7NNON is on the track

We created together a unique and special collection for you. All the identity, strength and elegance of the L7NNON in this unprecedented line and with exclusive models.

Photo: (Playback/instagram)

Showing the artist’s identity and trajectory, the campaign is a manifesto narrated in first person by the artist, who yesterday dreamed of achievements, recognition and sold-out shows, and today has the opportunity to live this reality. Recorded on top of a building in front of Central do Brasil, the point is a landmark in the city…. –

In another Instagram post, the brand also shared more details about the collab. “A collab that goes far beyond a product: it is the realization of a childhood dream and the affirmation of a guy who aimed high and got where he always wanted.”

Photo: (Playback/instagram)

In total, there are 9 models that make up the collection, with a special emphasis on the Rakka Prime L7 sandal, made in a limited edition with only 777 pairs, accompanied by a special box with the registered manufacturing number and a card with a message from the artist…

Photo: (Reproduction/dissemination)

According to Ourthe choice for the amount was due to the different meanings that the number 7 has for the rapper, such as his surname Frassetti, family birthdays, beliefs, in addition, of course, to carrying the 7 in his own pseudonym…

I don’t like to do something and hand it over to someone else. I like to follow. See what I can guess and such. I think it’s very important because it’s a stop that I admire a lot and because it has my identity“, says L7nnon, declared the artist in an exclusive for Our…. –

It’s not something that only the brand developed, they threw my name and we’re going to sell. It’s something we think about together“, complete…

Photo: (Reproduction/Disclosure)

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