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Among the workers at the Theater are employees with more than 20 years working in the house (Photo: Rodrigo Chagas/Ascom – Special DP)

The management team of Sete de Abril is ready and motivated to show the new community house. But while the Theater does not reopen its doors to the public, the proposal is to leave the “Casa” closer to the people of Pelotas. The idea is that the population feels welcomed and willing to go and watch the shows and the artists are encouraged to take their productions to the stage, so the management team starts this month the project (Re)Conhecendo Nosso Sete, which extends an invitation to the community artistic venue for visits to the recently restored space, which is expected to reopen to the public at the beginning of next year.

“We are working to furnish and equip the theater so that, upon reopening its doors after twelve years, it will be able to maintain a constant and varied program, which includes local and foreign projects. feel at home and want to be part of its history. That’s why we invited the theater, dance and circus companies from Pelotas to come and talk to us. in relation to theater and tell us about your projects, which may be on stage at the Theater as early as next year”, explains the director of Theatro Sete de Abril, Giorgio Ronna.

To make the visit, companies must schedule the activity by e-mail theatro.setedeabril@gmail.com, informing the contact number/Whatsapp. Two visits per week will be scheduled, prioritized in order of receipt of e-mail, and according to the availability of the artists.

While Sete de Abril is prepared for its reopening, internal activities are carried out for select groups, such as workshops and recording of short films and clips. Soon, in a partnership with the Conservation and Restoration course at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), the cleaning and restoration of the old chandelier will begin, which will return to its original place: the top of the audience. In a few weeks, a project of the Licentiate Theater course, also from UFPel, will start sessions of dramatic readings in the foyer, which will be broadcast over the internet.

memory of the house

The team that will welcome the groups is made up of seven servers: Raquel Fontoura, Joice Lima, Sandra Viegas, Cludio Nolasco, Valdinei Couto Rubira and Pedro Dias, in addition to the director himself. For Ronna, it is important that this team has career servants in the municipality. “They are the ones who will witness the entire assembly of the conical box, this memory of the Theater being refitted will stay with them over the years”, says the director.

Responsible for the scenic part of Sete, Cludio Nolasco, who has been at the Casa for 44 years is not sure, but believes that the last show he worked on was from Grupo Tholl, at the end of 2009. everything and goes out of rhythm”, he says. There are also great expectations for former employees, who work in general tasks, Valdinei Couto Rubira and Pedro Dias, who have been working for 21 and 42 years, respectively. “very good to see Theatro returning”, says Rubira.

In addition to the expected visits from performing arts groups, Sete will also be presented to students of the Theater degree at UFPel. These visits should begin in the second half of this month. The only requirement for carrying out these guided tours is that they are for small groups.

in the next months

Last month, an investment of R$ 2 million was announced, sponsored by CEEE Equatorial, via the Culture Incentive Law (LIC-RS) for the acquisition of equipment for the conical box and furniture. Approximately R$1.2 million will be allocated to the purchase and installation of furniture, which are the seats in the audience and the chairs in the boxes. The other part of the budget will be allocated to the conical box equipment, which means the acquisition and installation of conical garments: curtains for the front of the stage, the rotunda (curtain that goes to the back) and the legs (side fabrics).

Still the whole apparatus of conical mechanics, which are the counterweighted lighting and scenery poles, with ropes and pulleys. As the purchase of this equipment goes through a bidding process, the expectation is that the material will be installed in the month of December.

Before installing this equipment, a series of finishing touches will be carried out, with resources from the Theater’s budget, such as the completion of the electrical network, which still needs to be tendered. These interventions also include the placement of sockets, spots and permanent sconces throughout the building, which includes covering the walls of the cabins and carpeting. Actions that must be carried out between September and November. The next public notice to be released, according to the director, will be destined to the conclusion of the Electric System, this stage with the city’s own resources.

This month, through a partnership between the city hall and the Conservation and Restoration course at the Federal University of pellets (UFPel) will begin the restoration of the chandelier in the audience. Kept for about ten years, the chandelier, which is two by two meters in diameter, has a metal base and rods (bronze) and crystal embellishments, the ornament will need to be dismantled to recover.

what comes for

– LIC Enablement (in process)

– Completion of the Electrical System

– Cleaning and restoration of the old chandelier – beginning in August

– Via LIC: bidding processes for the acquisition and installation of:

* furniture (armchairs/chairs)

* conical box/conical garments

– Final adjustments (lamps, cabin decoration, bathroom accessories, etc.)

– Launch of public notices for 3 residencies/settings in 2023: theater, dance and circus

– Via Lei Rouanet – bidding processes for systems of: Lighting; Sound and air conditioning.

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