A Concertation for the Amazon Initiative takes an exhibition dedicated to the region to SP-Arte


From August 24th to 28th, the SP-Arte fair, Rotas Brasileiras, one of the biggest events in the Brazilian art market, will host an exhibition with works by photographers about the Amazon. Curated by researcher, photographer and journalist Eder Chiodetto, the initiative Uma Concertação pela Amazônia will have a 100m² space with photographs by Paula Sampaio, Marcela Bonfim, Rogério Assis, Edu Simões, João Farkas and Lalo de Almeida.

Created in 2020 as a democratic space for discussions in the search for solutions for the sustainable development of the region, Uma Concertação pela Amazônia is a network with more than 500 leaders. With the participation in SP-Arte, the initiative hopes to bring the various Amazons closer to the rest of the country.

“Our objective is to show the multiplicity of representations of the region and to value the work of local artists who have been helping us to update the imaginary about the Amazon”, says Fernanda Rennó, facilitator of the Culture and Education Working Groups at Concertação.

For Fernanda Feitosa, founder and director of SP-Arte, the initiative meets the desire to value artistic production and new approaches to the Amazon. “The look of these photographers is added to renowned names in photography, such as Pierre Verger, Sebastião Salgado or Mario Cravo Neto, forming a seam in which different visions of Brazil are intertwined.”

The choice of artists for the exhibition involved not only the curator Eder Chiodetto, but a collegiate formed by photographers and the teams of SP-Arte and Concertação. According to Eder, the space dedicated to the Amazon is an example of a movement that has been undertaken by SP-Arte, and this time enhanced by Concertação, to create exhibitions that amplify its discursive power, taking the opportunity to inject a reflective mass into an event that, in principle, , would be devoted only to the art market. “I find this position commendable, because we can never think about the circulation of works of art, and the market that sustains it, without putting into practice the best that art offers us, which is the possibility of seeing realities from broader points of view. , political, dreamlike, poetic, and so on.”

Among the photographers in the exhibition, Rogério Assis, born in Belém, presents contrasting portraits of the same territory and reinforces the importance of dialogue between the socio-environmental cause and the arts. “It is very significant to have a space to discuss, through photography, the need to raise awareness for socio-environmental preservation with an audience like SP-Arte”.

Based in Rondônia for 11 years, photographer Marcela Bonfim hopes with her work to open several paths to the territory. “We are talking about a multiple territory. The expectation is that we can, rather than say something about the Amazon, question this multiplicity. The territory itself is able to dialogue and has the legitimacy and ability to speak for itself, we [artistas] We are developing ways to create more fluidity in this communication.”

Brazilian Routes takes place at ARCA, an industrial warehouse in Vila Leopoldina, in São Paulo. Tickets are on sale exclusively through site in the amount of R$ 50 (general) and R$ 25 (half-price).

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